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·       Send buyer/seller and co-op an intro letter explaining our role in the transaction

·       Fill out any office paperwork related to the transaction and turn in to your office

·       Create Loop/Transaction in office paperless system

·       Review and/or Send contract/exhibits/amendments for signatures.

·       Create transaction management and connect to shared tracking calendar

·       Notify you of contract deadlines

·       Schedule inspection and notify all parties

·       Change status in FMLS and GAMLS  - if listing side

·       Send contract to lender and attorney

·       Send inspection amendment to attorney and lender if applicable, once executed

·       Request utility information from seller and send to buyer or vice versa.

·       Schedule pest inspection if requested

·       Check on appraisal, verify it is in at value

·       Schedule closing

·       Send closing notice to buyer/seller and co-op agent

·       Make sure lender has ordered title

·       Call lender to check on loan approval

·       Generate commission agreement

·       Send commission agreement to attorney

·       Send termite letter or termite bond to attorney if required

·       Order home warranty and send to attorney

·       Verify attorney and lender have all amendments

·       Verify HOA Letter and Title Order

·       Schedule walk through

·       Call lender and verify clear to close

·       Call lender and attorney for package

·       Request Prelim  CD/HUD

·       Email your buyer/seller and remind them of closing time and utilities

·       Request a pay at closing form and send to the attorney

·       and so much more…….

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